Who we are?

“Otsuka”– people creating new products for better health worldwide.

We pride ourselves in not imitating others, proactively and tenaciously taking on difficult challenges, while maintaining rigorous, evidence-based approaches. By doing so we can continue to effectively contribute to better health worldwide.

Ask WHY?

Providing the answer Sincerely, Precisely and Clearly.

Otsuka Philosophy

Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide.

Otsuka Group Worldwide

Our Brand
Pocari Sweat was first developed as a healthy rehydration drink

Based on the concept of a “drinkable IV”,
it serves to smoothly replace water
and electrolytes (ions) lost through sweat.

With ingredient resemble body fluids,
it help to rehydrate with fast absorption.
You can feel ultimately refreshing once
after drinking Pocari Sweat

Rugged research and development with a passion for creation

Tapping the power of creativity, Otsuka tackles themes that nobody else has taken on.

Our pharmaceutical R&D efforts aim to address evident -but-yet-to-be satisfied needs whereas in the nutraceutical business, we identify needs that consumers are not yet even aware of.

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