Developed and created product for our customers.

Developing original products for maintaining and improving health

Building upon our solid foundation of scientific R&D, we have developed a range of unique consumer products for the maintenance and promotion of people’s health.

Over the past few decades we have created several new markets by carrying out continuous activities to inform and educate consumers on the value of products born under our own ideas, the likes of which they may not have seen before.


Pocari Sweat was first developed as a healthy rehydration drink, based on the concept of a “drinkable IV”. It serves to smoothly replace water and electrolytes (ions) lost through sweat.

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5 Things you do not know about
Pocari Sweat

Healthy Drink with Japan Quality

Which is developed by pharmaceutical company in Japan


No artificial coloring and caffeine. Pregnancy and kids over 1 year old can drink


No preservative which is not beneficial to your healthy

Ultimate Refreshing

Has the closest components to body fluids, with ultimate refreshment once after drinking


Can be consumed anytime for any activities

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