R&D for better health worldwide.

Rugged research and development with a passion for creation

Tapping the power of creativity, Otsuka tackles themes that nobody else has taken on. Our pharmaceutical R&D efforts aim to address evident -but-yet-to-be satisfied needs whereas in the nutraceutical business, we identify needs that consumers are not yet even aware of.

We have nurtured unique pharmaceutical projects through satellite facilities around the world to make full use of each local laboratory’s characteristics and expertise. In recent years, we have forged collaborations with other companies and academia, together accelerating efforts to create innovative products.

Untrodden paths lead to innovative approaches to production

At Otsuka, we embrace opportunities offered by new technologies and production methods, developing our own techniques if the necessary technology does not exist already.

We now have over 100* production facilities across the globe; rather than imposing standardized Japanese production methods, we adopt local characteristics and strengths, leading to successful regional production.
Untrodden paths lead to innovative approaches to production

* Number of production sites of Otsuka Pharmaceutical-affiliated companies

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